This initiative came up about 5 years ago in furtherance of the Cardinal Objective of BISHOP BABATUNDE ADELAKUN FOUNDATION ( BAF )-“HELP TO THE NEEDY, THROUGH EDUCATION”.
    It was designed to assist in the education of Secondary School pupils, who are indigent but very brillant, including ophans with similar endowments.
    The Founder had hitherto established many Catholic Secondary and Primary/Nursery Schools, covering the geographical spread of the old Catholic Diocese of Oyo ( Now, Oshogbo and Oyo ).
    The Program entails the desire of the Board of Trustees and the Operational Management, seeking the financial assistance of Public Spirited individuals to adopt a child out of those selected by the Educational Committee.
    For effective mor

    nitoring, students are recommended to be in any of the Catholic Secondary Schools in Oyo and Oshogbo Dioceses with Boarding facilities.
    The Sponsors are to pay for the cost of educating those adopted students ( Tuition, Boarding, books and sundry bills ) into the covers of BAF,from where the relevant amount will be transfered into the account of the school of the beneficiary. The sum involved could be settled on termly or yearly basis, depending on the desire of the Sponsor.
    Sponsors are to receive progress reports of the beneficiaries on termly basis.
    With outstanding performances at the end of Secodary School, benefactors could continue with the sponsorship in tertiary institutions. It is also the expectation of the Founder that Benefactors might be able to link up with the sponsored students during the period of the secondary education with a view to introducing and integrating any of them into their families
    The Founder in collaboration with The Board of Trustees and The Operational Management share the believe that a sound Secondary Education is the bed rock to paving the way into a life of strong career and or Vocation
    In all, we thank the Giver of life for our well-being. I am sure that we all should have noted the noble involvement of Madam Sogunro, who was so active at the inception of BAF but now, residing abroad. She has financed the hosting of a website for BAF.She has appealed to us to ensure the optimal use of the website for possible maximum advantage. She is certain that a good use of the website would earn BAF world wide recognition with the resultant benefits. We are encouraged to post informations that would stimulate the interest of the general public.We are aware that the condition in the country does not favour regular coming together for meetings , but thank God for the available means of communication that enable us to carry out activities in the confort of our homes. For further discussion on the effective use of the opportunity of this website, I am soliciting that we meet at the residence of the Bishop Emeritus on Thursday, August 29, 2018 at 12.30pm,God willing. Our meeting on that day should encourage discussion on the birthday anniversary of the founder coming up in November.
    Thank you.
    Sir E.S Oke

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