“THE GRACE OF GOD DOES NOT GIVE NOTICE”

This divine adage has greatly manifested in the life of Most Rev Dr Julius Babatunde Adelakun, the Emeritus Bishop of Oyo Diocese, FOUNDER OF BISHOP BABATUNDE ADELAKUN FOUNDATION (BAF).

With the Episcopal Ordination of Most Rev Dr Paul Adegboyega Olawoore as the Bishop, Catholic Diocese of Ilorin on Friday, July 13, 2018, the Emeritus Bishop has produced four Bishops, including one Arch Bishop, namely; His Grace, Most Rev Dr Gabriel ‘Leke Abegunrin, The Arch Bishop of Ibadan Ecclesiastical Province, Most Rev Dr Emmanuel Adetoyese Badejo, Bishop, Catholic Diocese of Oyo, Most Rev Dr John Akin Oyejola, Bishop Catholic Diocese of Oshogbo and lately, Most Rev Dr. Paul Adegboyega Olawoore, with his seat as mentioned above.

This is beside, many Priests he has trained and ordained since becoming Bishop. How else could one describe this feat of a life of fulfillment other than the Grace of God!

It is most significant to note that the recently ordained Bishop has served as the General Secretary of BISHOP BABATUNDE ADELAKUN FOUNDATION since the Foundation came into being, about fourteen years ago, while Bishop John Akin Oyejola has played prominent roles in the concept and running of the Foundation. The Bishop of Oyo Diocese is always available for guidance with his multi talents.

‘LIKE FATHER LIKE SON’, Bishop Paul Adegboyega Olawoore is an astute Manager of meagre resources that have sustained the FOUNDATION till date. A cursory glance into the positions he had occupied along with his divine call to a life time of Ministry could be noted from his Biography in the Brochure that heralded his Investiture as Bishop.

To mark this LANDMARK achievement in the life and time of the Bishop Emeritus, the Board of Trustees has considered it most auspicious and befitting for BAF to join the League of Sponsors, supporting PRIESTLY TRAINING in the Catholic Diocese of Oyo as from January, 2019. This is in addition to the Cardinal objective of the FOUNDATION – “HELP TO THE NEEDY THROUGH EDUCATION”

If there is only one individual, who appreciates and values the generousity of members and other donors for their various contributions that is the Bishop Emeritus, Most Rev J.B.Adelakun. Members of the Board of Trustees and Operational Management join him to express their heartfelt gratitude for this act of kindness to the needy.

In order to make the contributions affordable, the Founder has always desired to encourage donations as little as possible, #1000 (One thousand Naira only) for each member. There is however no limit towards the noble course of “HELPING THE NEEDY THROUGH EDUCATION” by men and women of good will with philanthropic hearts.



Acct:               1005258597

BANK:             U B A PLC

AMOUNT.     #1000 membership per year


Sir Emmanuel Siji Oke ( KSS)

Chairman, Board of Trustees


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